A good quality piece of jewelry can be long-lasting with the proper care. If you want to get the most out of your Pink Clarity pieces, it's essential to care for, store, and clean your jewelry correctly. Here are some tips to keep your 18k gold-plated stainless steel,18k gold-filled, and 18k over brass jewelry looking its best.


Properly storing your jewelry helps the longevity of your items and avoids any tarnishing or damage over time. Therefore, we recommend storing your jewelry in a dry area, avoiding humid or moist areas. Lastly, reduce the excessive exposure to direct sunlight and heat as it can cause tarnishing over time. 


Want to keep your jewelry clean and shiny? Clean your jewelry with water and completely dry it afterward. Please avoid using abrasive products and chemicals.


Here are some tips on taking good care of jewelry while wearing it. 

    • Apply perfumes and lotions before wearing your jewelry; avoid using products directly on the jewelry.  
    • Avoid excessive showering and swimming with jewelry. (Even with water-resistant jewelry, this may decrease the item's longevity as it may lose its luster over time). 
    • Avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme heat or humidity.

Read the Jewelry Materials page for information.